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Security on your blackberry device is extremely important as it allows access to your personal information, including your e-mail. It is important to secure your blackberry the best you can to stop misuse by others. You can secure your blackberry device by adding a password, to do so, follow these simple steps:
    1.  Select Options and then Security.
    2.  Next to the password, highlight the word disable and click the trackwheel once.
    3.  Select Change Option, then Enable
    4.  Enter your password and then press the Enter key.
You blackberry password must be 4 to 14 characters. It is good practice to use a combination of letters and numbers when choosing your password. Try to avoid a password composed of the same character or in a sequence such as 1,2,3,4,5 as your device will reject it with it being too insecure.
    5.  Enter your password again to verify you have entered it correctly.
    6.  Next to the security timeout, highlight the displayed time and click the trackwheel.
    7.  Select change option and choose a reasonable time for the blackberry device to time out and keylock. I’d suggest something around 15 seconds or less if you’re very security conscious.
    8.  To come out of the security screen, press the escape key. You will be prompted to save, select Yes to save your password.
If you’re going to leave your blackberry device lying around, make sure you select the lock option from the menu – you will be prompted for the password when you then come to use it.

You should be extremely cautious when sending pin to pin messages from your blackberry. When you’re using the blackberry enterprise server redirector, all of your e-mail messages are triple DES encrypted for your security. When you’re travelling between your blackberry and online mailbox, ensure that they are indecipherable by anyone who could and might want to intercept them. However; pin to pin messages are not encrypted at all and transmit from your device in plain text allowing anyone who wishes to intercept your message to read it as they wish. In today’s world, it is extremely important to be security conscious and you should avoid sending personal or sensitive information in a pin to pin message from your wireless device.

You should also make sure that your computer and any other devices used in conjunction with your blackberry device as this may provide an easy way into your device no matter how well the handset itself is secured against hackers and crackers alike.

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