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Calendar & Calculator

To create and appointment, press C

To move to a specific date, press G

To change to month format, press M

To change to a day format, press D

To change to agenda format, press A

To move to the previous day, week or month, press the shift and hold the space.

To move the cursor vertically in month view, hold the alt key and roll the track wheel.

To move the cursor horizontally in week view, hold the alt key and roll the trackwheel.


To add, press I

To subtract, press U

To divide, press G

To multiply, press A

To clear the last entry, press T

To clear the screen, press Y

To recall the memory, press J

To clear the number, press H

To replace the memory, type a number and press K

To display the result of your calculation, press the enter key.

How It Works
We've just added an article outlining how blackberry actually works, view it here.
If you're interested in finding out if blackberry is available in your country at this time, check out the coverage page - you can find it here.
Out Of Memory
Are you experiencing the infamous blackberry "Out Of Memory" error, if so, click here to find out common causes and several solutions.