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Direct Connect

To talk to a selected group or contact using direct connect, hold the push to talk button and speak.

To listen to a group or contact whilst on a call, release the push to talk button.

To alert a selected contact or group, click the trackwheel and click Alert.

If your handheld has a speaker to switch between the speaker and the earpiece, press the symbol key.


To return to the last page you viewed, hit the escape button.

To insert a forward slash in the go to dialog box, simply press the shift and space key.

To open the browser bookmarks screen, press K.

To view the history, press I.

To move to the next page in the history press N

To open the browser options, press O.

To move down a page, press the Space key.

To move to a specific web page press G.

To stop a web page loading, press the escape button.

The close a webpage, press the escape button.

To close the browser itself, hold the escape button.

To view all images, press Q.

To add a bookmark, press A

To view more images, press M.

To save a web page to your messages screen, press S.

To move between full screen mode and normal mode, press U.

How It Works
We've just added an article outlining how blackberry actually works, view it here.
If you're interested in finding out if blackberry is available in your country at this time, check out the coverage page - you can find it here.
Out Of Memory
Are you experiencing the infamous blackberry "Out Of Memory" error, if so, click here to find out common causes and several solutions.