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If you wish to import the global address list onto your blackberry device without overriding the Microsoft contacts folder, you should do the following:
    1.  Open your Outlook and select contacts from the folder list on the left.
    2.  Select file then new and then folder. Name this new folder Global the entries from the Global Address Lists will then be placed in this folder.
    3.  Connect your handheld to your PC and launch the desktop manager software that comes with it. Once loaded, open the backup and restore tool.
    4.  Now click on Backup, this will then create a file in your local hard drive of the data and applications on your blackberry.
    5.  Click on advanced and you will see a list of files that are currently stored on your blackberry device. Select the address book file and click clear.
    6.  Still in the advanced window, now select file then import and then addresses. The address book import window should now appear. Choose names from the address list and click import to transfer them into the destination window. Once you have transferred all the names you desire, click on OK. The advanced window will now show a file called address book in the desktop file databases list. If you click the restore button and select yes in the dialog box. The updated address list will then be transferred to your blackberry.
    7.  In the desktop manage, double click on your intellisync icon and the window will open. Click on Configure PIM. The PIM configuration window will then load, select address book and then choose. In the choose window ensure that the Outlook is your translator and then click on browse to open the choose contact folder window.
    8.  Locate and select the global subfolder that you created earlier. This folder will be displayed under contacts. Click add and in the folders list, select the global folder and click on default. Continue clicking ok to return to the main window.
    9.  Select the synchronize PIM check box in the window and then click the synchronize now to add the outlook contacts to your handheld and the addresses on your handheld to your outlook. When the dialog box appears asking if you want to delete the new addresses, select re-sync. A dialog box willl then appear asking if you want to add the new address to your subfolder in contacts, click ok to do this. You can now sync your PIM applications without overriding any of the addresses.
    10.  In the main window, select configure PIM and choose browse. The choose contact folder will then appear select the contacts folder and click default. This will ensure that when a future contact is added to the handheld, it will be synchronized into the main folder rather than the global subfolder.

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