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To use the handheld when dark, press the power button.

To lock the handheld, set a password and click the lock icon

To unlock the keyboard, double click the trackwheel

To hide an icon on the home screen, select an icon, hold the alt key and click the trackwheel then click hide icon.

To show a hidden icon on the home screen, hold the alt key and click the trackwheel, click show all and select the cross out icon click hide icon.

To use shortcut keys to open an application from the home screen, open the phone options, click general options, change the dial from home screen field to no. The shortcut keys are underlined on the home screen. You can use these keys but you cannot make calls from this screen.

To vertically scroll between icons on the home screen, hold down the alt key while rolling the trackwheel.


To search for text, click on the trackwheel, click find and type in the text.

To find a contact in your address book, type the contact name or initials separated by a space.

Clearing Fields

To select a check box press the space key.

To clear the check box, press the space key again.

To change an option field, hold the alt key and click a value.

To move to an item in a list or menu, type the first letter of the item.

To clear a field, click the trackwheel, click clear field.

How It Works
We've just added an article outlining how blackberry actually works, view it here.
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Out Of Memory
Are you experiencing the infamous blackberry "Out Of Memory" error, if so, click here to find out common causes and several solutions.