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The end blackberry user is provided with the actual wireless handheld device in a pager style or a palm style factor. Both of these devices have an integral wireless modem enabling them to connection over several telecom wireless networks. The device itself is equipped with a version of their own wireless oriented protocol which allows the device to connect with the similar blackberry message center.

The device is supported by the rim operated blackberry message center. Any e-mails address to the mobile device directly are fielded by this message center using internet protocols and then delivered to the mobile device using the RIM wireless protocols. The modem remains on at all times to accept incoming messages and the device then notifies the user whenever a new message arrives.

When sending a message, the user composes the message as they would an e-mail and then submits it to the blackberry message center via the RIM protocols. The message center then sends the message to its destination using the standard internet e-mail protocols.

More often than not, the end users wishes their blackberry to act as a wireless extension of an existing e-mail account. The user may choose to use their blackberry system function as an extension of their Microsoft outlook mail application program. In this case, the user would install the desktop redirector software on their pc in order to forward e-mail onto the blackberry device.

When a user sends a message, the message center then sends the message to its destination as usual but along with that it sends a message to the desktop redirector program to maintain the mailbox sync between the device and the desktop pc e-mail application. A similar form of sync is maintained for forwarding, deleted etc via the RIM protocols.

For integration into corporate e-mail systems, RIM provides the blackberry enterprise server which will integrate with the corporate ms exchange message center. The enterprise server functions in the same way as the desktop redirector as mentioned above except the sync takes place at the message center rather than at the users desktop mail application. So all qualifying messages are delivered to the message center and then delivered to the mobile device.

Both of these systems operate in the same way although the corporate enterprise server operates at a server level whereas the desktop redirector software operates on a desktop pc level.

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