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The blackberry device mail connector application is used to retrieve email messages from behind a firewall. The mail connector is installed and run on the subscriber’s desktop computer.

The mail connector program opens a secure, encrypted secure sockets layer also know as SSL connections through the firewall on port 443 to allow it to communicate with the blackberry infrastructure. The outbound connections from the mail connector use a 128 bit SSL encryption. Along with that an additional 128-bit key is used to validate both ends of the communication channel. This ensures the users data is encrypted from the customers mail server to the main infrastructure.

The Blackberry Connector communicates with Microsoft exchange server using a messaging application programming interface known as a MAPI connection and with the IBM lotus domino server using an application programming interface (API) connection. The mail connector itself cannot communicate with the customers mail server unless the default mail client is open and is connected to the inbox or mail file. When using the mail connector, new mail messages are retrieved from the customers corporate mail account ever 15 minutes or 900 seconds.

The BlackBerry Mail Connector requires the following software in order to function:
  • Internet Explorer Version 5 or Above
  • JavaScript Enabled
  • Exchange Server 5.5, 2000 or 2003
  • Outlook XP or 2003
  • Lotus Notes 5.0, 6.0, or Version 6.5

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