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Forwarding CC Bodies

1.  Open your blackberry desktop manager and double-click the redirector settings. You should then select the filters tab.
2.  Double click CC Default and then under the forward message to the handheld radio button, deselect the forward header only checkbox. Then click ok.

Preserving High Priority Flags When Forwarding

You can add filters to forward to your blackberry with Level 1 (high) priority for any messages received. To do this, simply follow these steps:

1.  Open your blackberry desktop manage and double-click the redirector settings.
2.  In the redirector settings dialog box, select the filters tab and then click on New.
3.  In The “Filter Name” box, enter high priority.
4.  Click to select the importance checkbox and from the drop down list select high.
5.  Make sure the forward message to the handheld button is also selected and click to select the forward with level 1 notification checkbox.
6.  Click OK.

Forward Mailing List Messages

If you would like to forward messages from a mailing list that you are subscribed to you can use filters to create one to do so.

1.  Open your blackberry desktop manager and then double click on the redirector settings as you did above.
2.  Select the filters tab and then click on new.
3.  In The Filter Name field enter the name of the mailing list or lists that this filter will apply to.
4.  Select the sent to checkbox, enter the mailing lists in the box. Make sure that they are separated by semicolons.
5.  Set the importance level if you desire and click ok.

You can save all your loaded filter sets or restore a filter set by using the save and load buttons at the bottom of the filters page. All filter sets are saved with a .rfi extension on blackberry devices.

How It Works
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Out Of Memory
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