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Using your blackberry you can control how mail is redirected by configuring the filters in the blackberry desktop manage. Filters are rules which are applied to messages as they arrive in your mailbox. These filter determine whether or not to redirect the message to your blackberry device itself.

Your blackberry desktop manage can forward all of the e-mail messages you receive whether they are ruled by the filter or not, you can do this by specifying forwarding as the default action, to do this, see below.

1.  Open the blackberry desktop manager and double click on the redirector settings. You then need to select the filters tab.

2.  Under “When none of the above rules apply” select, forward messages to the handheld. Now all the matching messages will then be forwarded to your blackberry as your filters specify. Any messages that do not match will also be forwarded to the device. If you do not wish the blackberry redirector to do the filter processing you should deselect all of your filters.

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