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The out of memory error can be caused by several things on your blackberry device such as too many entries in either your calendar or address book or maybe a third party application using more memory then it should. There are several things you can do to stop this from happening, they’re outlined below.

Try and only keep essential contacts / frequently used contacts in your blackberry address book as too many contacts can quickly fill up your memory. Try and have a contact clear out every once in a while.

Use field mapping to limit/restrict the amount of information transferred from your desktop to your handheld and vice versa during synchronization of your address books. You can configure field mapping on your blackberry device by going to configure pim – advanced – field mappings. Here you can specify what fields are synched.

Try and restrict the amount of appointments transferred to your blackberry’s calendar during synchronization. You can do this by specifying a specifc data range when using your desktop software. This way you only transfer the dates you need rather than dates months down the line.

It’s probably best to check over your blackberry to make sure you haven’t installed any third party software which you no longer need. Third party applications running that you do not require can be a huge drain on resources.

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