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The BlackBerry server monitor is a single file application which is named besmonitor.exe – it can run on both the windows nt and the windows 98 operating system. The application itself can manage many blackberry enterprise servers. There are around 15 seconds between updates of information that is passed from the server to the monitor. For components of the blackberry server monitor, see below:

Title Bar
This contains the name of the current blackberry enterprise server that is being monitored at this time.

Server Name
This is a simple text field in the form of a drop down box that displays the current blackberry enterprise server that is being monitored.

Add Button
This is the button to add a blackberry enterprise server to the server name drop down field.

This represents the state of the SRP or the server routing protocol connection, states are displayed as connected…. the server is connected to the srp host or disconnected from the srp host.

Last Started
As the name suggests, this field shows when the blackberry enterprise server was started in time and date.

Last Reconnect
This represents the last time that the enterprise server tried to re-connect to the SRP host.

Ping Delay
This is the ping rating of the server to the SRP host.

This displays the number of reconnections to the SRP host since the blackberry server was restarted.

Queue Name
This section contains the name of the queues that are currently being watched.

This field represents the status of each queue being watched. The status can be displayed as running or stopped if the specified queue is stopped.

This shows the number of messages that are processed by the appropriate queues.

This shows the number of messages that were filtered by the blackberry enterprise server for the appropriate queues.

This shows the number of errors encountered by the specific queues.

This shows the number of messages that are still pending for the queues.

Tray Icons
These icons can be an antenna with an exclamation mark or an antenna with a red x on it when the server is not running and not connected to the SRP host.

How It Works
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Out Of Memory
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