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The blackberry web client or the BWC is a secured, web based service for your blackberry mobile device.

With the blackberry Web Client, you can gain access to multiple existing e-mail account including e-mail accounts from your internet service provider along with your own personal accounts from a single blackberry handheld device using the pop3 protocol and mail forwarding.

You will also receive an e-mail account in the username@subdomain.blackberry.net format.

The BlackBerry web client automatically checks for new e-mail with your internet service provider every 15 minutes and delivers any new messages it finds to your blackberry device instantly via the POP3 protocol – just like the e-mail on your home computer.

The blackberry web client automatically redirects all new e-mail messages from the pop3 account of your choice to your blackberry handheld device. You should consider checking with your ISP to make sure they support mail forwarding.

Your blackberry device is capable of handling up to 10 separate pop3 e-mail accounts via the blackberry web client so you can set it up for your private e-mail, work e-mail or your e-mail from your ISP. You can also create e-mail filters and choose which messages are sent to your handheld device based on keywords and message fields such as to/sent from etc along with the subject and priority level… So you can only receive e-mail from certain people on your blackberry or just the high priority messages. You can also choose a sent from address so you choose which e-mail address the message is originated from – handy if you have both business and personal accounts on your blackberry device.

Using your blackberry web client, you’re able to import address book contacts into the web client itself. You get 10MB of storage for e-mail messages and contacts in your address book which is more than adequate for text messages.

If supported, you’re also able to view certain e-mail attachments on your handheld device such as word documents, excel, powerpoint and pdf. You can view the complete attachment or just select sections.

The blackberry web client interfaces with your handheld device so you’re able to move and delete files without having to sync the devices at all.

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