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You should be extremely cautious when sending PIN to PIN messages from your blackberry device as it is very insecure to the messages being transmitted in plain text.

If you wish to sending messages, you should try and use the blackberry enterprise server redirector to e-mail as all outgoing messages will be encrypted (triple des) – ensuring nobody will be able to read it.

PIN to PIN messages can be read easily by anyone who intercepts them with them being plain text. Should you wish to send a PIN to PIN message, you should follow the simple steps below.

Your blackberry device will be assigned a unique, eight digit identifier number named a PIN (personal identification number). To obtain this number, you should select the options icon shown as the pocketknife and then click on status. Your pin will then appear in the status of the screen.

There are a couple of ways to send your message directly to another blackberry users pin rather than to an e-mail address via the Internet, depending on whether you have the pin stored in your address book or not. If you’ve a contact in your address book with the personal id number entered, you can then select the pin using the compose application on your device, to do this, follow these simple steps:
    1.  Click on the Compose Icon on your blackberry. The compose icon is shown as an envelope and a pencil.
    2.  In The To: list, you should scroll to the contact you wish to write to. Click the trackwheel to display the drop down menu for that particular contact.
    3.  If you’ve stored a pin for this contact then you will see PIN appear in the drop down – to send via PIN, select this.
    4.  Compose your message and send it as you would normally.
When this message has been sent, it will then send pin to pin so it will route differently as to when you send it using an e-mail address.

The next time you select that contact using the enter key, the personal id number will be used rather than the default e-mail address. To reset the contact to use an e-mail aaddress, you should simply follow the directions above and choose e-mail from the drop down contact list rather than choosing pin.

If you want to enter a personal identification number which is not associated with one of your address book contacts, you can type the pin number directly into the To field rather than selecting. To do this, follow the steps below:
    1.  Select on the compose icon i.e. the envelope and pencil.
    2.  Scroll up to the use once at the top of the To list, then click the trackwheel to display the drop down menu.
    3.  From the menu, select PIN, type in the PIN and press Enter.
    4.  You can then compose your message and send it as you normally would.

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